Corona FAQ

Updated: February 2022

At OZO Hotels we are very aware of the situation that has arisen due to the coronavirus outbreak. This page contains information for current and future guests about the current situation and some frequently asked questions.

If you question is unanswered or you would like further information please contact us directly.

What precautions have we taken against the coronavirus?

The health and safety of our guests and employees is our top priority. At OZO Hotels we have always taken hygiene very seriously. However, due to COVID-19, we have implemented an additional hygiene and cleaning policy to provide a safe and healthy environment for both guests and staff. This includes the following:

  • Our employees must wash and disinfect their hands regularly.
  • Disinfection gel is available throughout the hotel.
  • We've updated our housekeeping protocol to:
    - door handles, the reception desk and other frequently touched objects are disinfected throughout the day after each use, in all public areas within our hotels;
    - all rooms and keys are (still) thoroughly cleaned after each check-out, with specialized disinfecting cleaning products
  • We do not shake hands or make physical contact with customers and colleagues as recommended by international and national guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  • Tables and chairs are disinfected with disinfectant after each use, so that guests feel comfortable and safe in our lobby.

What does this mean for your stay at OZO Hotels?

There are plenty of activities to do in Amsterdam. Restaurants and cafes are open again and you can enjoy cycling and walking tours in the city. Discover the culture and history in the many Amsterdam museums. Ask our staff for tips on excursions in our city. 

We do not accept cash payments, and we have QR codes to order at the hotel to minimize the risk of contamination.

Is breakfast and dinner still served?

All restaurants and cafes are allowed to open agin. However, our own restaurant remains closed but we do offer breakfast and there are plenty of restaurants that offer takeaway.

Our bar is open from Thursday to Sunday until 10pm.

What measures have been taken by the Dutch government?

OZO Hotels closely follows the reports of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Health Institute (RIVM) and all their guidelines are followed in our hotels and in our general policy. The health of our guests and employees is our highest priority.

In order to make your stay as pleasant as possible, we ask that you fully comply with our rules during your stay with us.
OZO Hotels Quality Meeting Rooms
OZO Hotels Quality Meeting Rooms

OZO Hotels
Arena Amsterdam

  •  Neben dem Arena Veranstaltungsbezirk
  •  Privatparkplätze
  •  Stilvolle Bar, Außenterrasse und Restaurant

OZO Hotels
Armada Amsterdam

  •  Amsterdamer Grachtengürtel
  •  Ausblick auf die Grachten
  •  Perfekt für Paare und Geschäftsleute

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Cordial Amsterdam

  •  Im Herzen von Amsterdam
  •  In der Nähe aller beliebten touristischen Attraktionen
  •  Schlicht aber elegant